December 11, 2020

We set out for a 6 days 5 nights Camping safari with 2 nights Camping at Masai Mara on the banks of Talek River and 3 Nights Camping in Loita Forest.

I had alot of mixed feelings before we set off... Having done Masai Mara many times before the first part of our safari was easy. We camped at Aruba Campsite in Talek: This is the best campsite in the Mara I know so far: There is a place to cook with running water and their washrooms are super clean with hot water at all times. The staff are also very friendly and do their job perfectly as expected. Nobody touched anything we left at the camp when we went for the game drives and it was very secure. The view of the camp on the river bank is just breathtaking... We spent hours at night after our game drives telling stories with the Masai's and it was just very memorable.
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We set off To Morijo on the 3rd Day meeting my guides in one of their homestead at 11am. We had lunch and loaded the donkeys ready for departure. I was scared about so many things about this safari as I was doing it for the very first time... I had done alot of research and read alot about this forest and the hundreds of elephants and buffalos in it among many other wild animals... I was scared about the rain and if I will be able to walk for the 4 days... I wasn't sure if my food shopping will last us for the days given that we will be in the middle of the forest with no access to shops and no vehicle or even motorbike could reach us... I had done a lot of shopping and purchased all possible solar lighting equipment's... I even go air evacuation insurance and saved KWS emergency hotlines in my phone and on a notebook just incase... I carried baby powder for my thighs too!
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This safari is for those who love the camping adventure and being in the purest form of Nature. It is thrilling, scary at some points, challenging, fun and so relaxing at the same time. The first day we walked for only 4 hours to our camp in the middle of the forest near a Silange (a big water dam). Our guides informed us the second and the third day we will be walking for about 8hrs through the forest crossing rivers, hiking the hills and going down steep valleys to reach our camping areas ... We would walk endlessly for hours until the feet hurts to a point that we would gets used to it... we had breaks in between and picnic lunches at scenic places... We made way at sections where there was no way... we crossed rivers and others so beautiful that we couldn't resist taking a shower in them.
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One of my most memorable and scariest moment is on our second day when we came across a huge herd of buffalos going downstream to the river... on sensing the danger ahead, our guide quickly asked us to hide in a bush and stay silent as the big giants made their way to the river... at other times we would notice them at far and take a different route to avoid the trouble... They were keen to notice the animals at a distance and their ears were very alert. sometimes they would just stop and listen keenly in one direction and change route.... The forest is thick full of chirping birds... we were scared stiff at times and the silence made the heart beat seem like a lot of noise.
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One thing that gave us strength and courage is the bold nature of our guides.. They have done this safari many times and they are really experts in the forest and know all possible routes and all places with wildlife... they were not scared at all of anything and always made fun out of our fear to a point that things seemed easy. They carried very sharp spears and knives.
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THE VIEWS!!! MY GOODNESS !! I have never seen such beautiful landscape views in my life.... The best view is the last hike on a hill overlooking Lake Magadi, Shompole Mountain , Lake Natron, Oldonyo Lengai and the stretch upto Olorgesailie Mountains... we spent one hour at this magical view point. It is just so incredible...
2020 has been a bad year for us but am very glad to have conquered the Loita Forest...
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If you wish to have this great adventure, let me know on 0727075986 / 0792433025 info@kuduhills.com The options are
- 3 days 2 nights Camping Masai Mara Talek River with Game drives Only.
- 6 Days 5 Nights Camping 2 nights Masai Mara Talek River with game drives and 3 Nights Hiking, trekking and Camping in Loita Forest.
- 4 Days 3 Nights Hiking, trekking and Camping in Loita Forest Only
The rates greatly depends on how many you are: the more you are the cheaper it becomes.
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